Switch to Water today for a healthier you in just a month. 

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We have partnered with Olympian Eliza McCartney and created a video to get people involved in in the Switch to Water campaign. View the video, share it to your friends and be a champion for good oral health.

By switching your sugary drinks for water for the next 30 days, you’re doing something great for yourself; you’re going to enjoy a range of health benefits and feel great. The first few days of the Switch to Water challenge may be tough, but you are on a path to being healthier. 

To get you inspired as you start your challenge, here are some tips from nutrition writer and pro-water advocate Niki Bezzant.

Great reasons to switch to water

If you’ve decided to start on this challenge, you probably know it has all sorts of health benefits. Here are some of them:

  • You’ll be protecting your teeth. Sugary drinks are acidic and damaging to tooth enamel, and are a major cause of dental decay. Drinking water is a great way to look after your teeth.
  • You’ll lose weight. If you’re used to drinking one or two sugary drinks a day, you could be unconsciously adding lots of calories to your day –   the same as adding a couple of snacks. Switching to water could see you losing weight without even trying.
  • You’ll save money. Water from the tap is basically free. Sugary drinks cost money that could be going to other things (like a non-food treat!).
  • You’ll feel great. Cutting the concentrated sugar you get from sweet drinks will drastically cut your sugar intake, helping you have more energy and feel fantastic!


Some sweet drinks can have up to 13 teaspoons of sugar in a single-serve bottle. That’s more than twice the added sugar it’s recommended we have in a whole day!

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