Crowns can help you keep your teeth. Crowns are tooth shaped caps which are fitted over your teeth helping to protect weak teeth.

Why Choose Crowns

Teeth with large fillings or with root canals are weak and can break when you bite. They can have hidden cracks which make them tender or sore when you bite and can make them sensitive to hot or cold. A crown will protect a weak tooth along with the filling or root canal filling. Crowns can also be used to improve the cosmetic appearance of your teeth, similar to a veneer. Dr Carolyn Langrell-Read can tell you which of your teeth would be best protected by crowns before problem develop or as part of an ongoing treatment plan. Book a consultation with Dr Carolyn Langrell-Read to find out more.

Will The Crown Look Natural?

Crowns are generally made out of porcelain so they can be made to look very natural and match the colour of your existing teeth. The porcelain crown may have a metal or gold core to strengthen it. If a natural appearance is not essential (eg. at the back of your mouth) you may be able to have a gold or metal crown.

How Are Crowns Fitted?

  • Your original tooth and filling will be filed to reduce it’s size, to make room for the crown.
  • A mould of your tooth will be made and sent to the dental technician.
  • Your filling or root canal filling will be checked for decay or bacterial infection and replaced if necessary prior to placing a crown.
  • A temporary crown will be fitted to cover and protect your tooth until your permanent crown has been made.
  • Once your permanent crown is ready you return to have it fitted. Dr Carolyn Langrell-Read will check the fit before cementing it in place.

How Long Will A Crown Last?

Crowns provide a strong, long-term and attractive solution and allow you too keep your teeth. Crowns should last at least 5 years and often as long as 15 years or longer.

Should I Whiten My Teeth Before A Crown?

Yes, the porcelain crown is made to match your existing teeth colour. Once the crown has been created it will not lighten (or discolour) as your natural teeth do. If you whiten your teeth after the crown is fitted the crown will likely appear darker than the rest of your lightened teeth. Dr Carolyn Langrell-Read can give the best advice on teeth whitening.

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