Patient Feedback

Below is a small selection of recent patient feedback from Newmarket Family Dental Care. From a simple filling through to more complex procedures patients trust in our expertise and experience and keep coming back year after year.

It was while I was unwell and staying away from home that a large section of tooth broke off. A family member took me to see her own dentist, Carolyn, whose care could not have been better. Carolyn fully explained my options and not being keen on an extraction I rather nervously chose a repair. I was delighted with her expert rebuilding of the affected molar. She also examined the rest of my ageing teeth and discussed possible future problems. I appreciated her care in treating me as a person and not just my teeth. The follow-up call the next day to see if all was well was much appreciated. So, happy with her expertise and her care and consideration, I have continued to return to her with confidence and have been more than happy with my decision. How fortunate that I was away from home when I needed a dentist and found Carolyn!

Phyl Belsham

Having relented after toothache just got too unbearable I called my eldest daughter regarding her dentist which happened to be Newmarket Family Dental Care. I called at 8am in the morning, they had just received a cancellation and locked me in for a 10:30am appointment. Due diligence was done thoroughly when going over my medical history and throughout the whole appointment my dentist kept me informed of the options. We needed to make another appointment for the afternoon since my medical history took up most of the first appointment!!! Back in with the lovely Selene who went over the next procedure, the reason why it would be helpful and all the risks that may occur. Along with her dental assistant they were kind, gentle, skilled and engaging - I got a molar removed! Didn't feel a thing, sent home with good instructions and I've just come off the phone (the next day) from reception who has just checked up on how I'm feeling!! Not only value for money but service and treatment - priceless.

Pania Burgess

Dr Celene Cai is absolutely amazing!! Everyone here is so lovely and accommodating. Throughout all of my procedures I wasn’t in pain once, my teeth look great! Highly recommended :)

Roxy Bishop

I needed to see a dentist while in Auckland on business. The team at NFDC went beyond the norm to accommodate me! The actual work on my tooth was executed in a way that I have never experienced! The communication throughout and after was amazing. Highly recommended!

Mike Thomas

Carolyn has gone above and beyond to look after myself and my family in our normal dental needs, but also in a few emergencies. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Daniel Rattray

The best dental service I have ever received.

From the moment I made contact they gave 5 star service. The receptionist was kind, efficient and patient and my dentist Celine was amazing! She explained everything in detail and made such an effort to get a full understanding of my health. Her dental work itself was perfect. She clearly knows her stuff and cares about the work she produces.

I couldn’t recommend these guys enough and will be sending my friends and family here!

Daniel Rattray

Thank you to Newmarket Family dental for their superb care. Clearly care about the well-being of their patients and the most thorough and professional explanation of what was required to care for my teeth. Very impressive, and I will return to continue treatment. 👍

Nathan Strawbridge

Carolyn and her team went above what could be expected of a dentist. When my front tooth broke just before an important overseas trip they leapt into action to get me smiling again with an amazing result. I am so grateful for this superb service. Totally totally recommend.

Karen Hay

This dental clinic (and Celene and Carolyn in particular) are that rare gold standard of dentist where you truly feel like you can trust their judgement and have an honest conversation with them about your history and your needs.

I am a new customer but will already be a vocal supporter of this practice! Very happy with the service provided.

David Renwick

A big shout out and thank you to the whole whanau at Newmarket Family Dental. Our daughter was apprehensive about attending her first dental appointment having had a previous negative experience elsewhere. Celene could not have been more friendly, kind and caring - so of course we went back for a second appointment, this time adding Gilbert the Therapy Dog from Mobility Dogs into the mix!

Even before the upcoming appointment, we heard from Sonya several times, to check in and to see how our daughter was feeling about the next visit. At the appointment, Celene was true to form - engaging, funny and explained everything in simple terms that our daughter could understand. Celene and Nurse Savannah regularly checked in with her during the procedure to see how she was going and if she needed to have a break or pat Gilbert the Therapy Dog. Gilbert was awesome! So gentle and patient (not to mention fluffy and cute!). Knowing Gilbert was in the room with her, right beside her, our daughter felt so much more relaxed and he helped to get her through the procedure.

Thank you everyone & Gilbert for your support in getting our daughter through - great service! Woof Woof!

Di Bluck

My 15 year old had orthodontic braces for 18 months. We went to see Celene for her advice on how to build up my daughter's front incisors to get a nice front row of teeth.

Celene consulted with the orthodontist and then recommended the best way for to build up the incisors with composite to get a natural shape and colour to finish the treatment. It was quite a bit of dental treatment for a 15 year old, but Celene was gentle and reassuring along the way, giving us get a great result and confidence along the way.

I loved the way Celene communicated with my daughter building a rapport with her directly and really appreciated that Celene went the extra mile to complete all the dental work between orthodontic appointments. My daughter can't stop smiling, thanks so much for an excellent job.


I’ve always been a bit nervous of visiting the dentist. The team always make me feel so relaxed by being so friendly and professional. They always tell me what is going to be done and what to expect. They offer things like gum numbing gel if they notice I seem nervous eg during teeth cleaning. I’ve been going to Carolyn now for well over 15 years, despite now travelling 40min to get there!, and how comfortable I feel during exams is a big part of why.

Carolyn was extremely helpful and provided her expert opinion and guidance throughout the process. Her extraction skill is nearly a painless process and her expertise in setting the denture is unparalleled. The work done by her is of such a high standard that I did not have to visit her clinic for further adjustment.

She and her lovely team have exceeded all my expectations in treating my gum disease, teeth extraction and providing me with dentures.

She is an exceptional dentist and also a wonderful person who always provides a very high standard of dental job.

Johanna Taylor

I attended this clinic in 2003 when I found I needed extensive dental work to be done, some of it immediately. I found Shorab to be patient and informative with me when I was one scared duck....I transferred to CAROLYN LANGRELL-READ some years later when she took over the practice and have never regretted it. Her work has been excellent and I'm definitely not the scared duck I was before! I would recommend her to anyone requiring dental work.

Barb Jensen

I have known Carolyn for more than 6 years and under her care for treating my gum disease.

As my teeth was not in a very good condition, I considered extraction of upper teeth and replacing those with dentures. After taking the decision I was really terrified about the painful process of extraction and also worried about how well would the dentures fit and suit me.

Carolyn was extremely helpful and provided her expert opinion and guidance throughout the process. Her extraction skill is nearly a painless process and her expertise in setting the denture is unparalleled. The work done by her is of such a high standard that I did not have to visit her clinic for further adjustment.

She and her lovely team have exceeded all my expectations in treating my gum disease, teeth extraction and providing me with dentures.

She is an exceptional dentist and also a wonderful person who always provides a very high standard of dental job.

Sonali Bhakta

Thank you so much to the staff at Newmarket Family Dental for the fabulous service and professional care I was given recently. I was staying with my family and suffered severe tooth pain (result of a dry socket from a recent extraction in my home town). After a phone call to the dental surgery, I was well looked after by the receptionist and was seen within 15 minutes and the treatment was fantastic.

Rhonda James

I have just been to see Carolyn and her team for a cracked tooth. This has been the most pleasant dental experience I have had in a long time. Being new to the country I can honestly say that the quality work, professionalism, and care Carolyn showed me was outstanding and world class. I would recommend her services to anyone. She was gentle and thorough, giving explanations throughout the procedure. Painless! Well done Carolyn and team!

Riana Munnik

I would like to congratulate your dentistry practice for such wonderful service during the current lockdown in Auckland. I required emergency help and I was absolutely astounded as it was offered within three days of my contacting you. Thank you also for the lovely help from Aanchal as I have problems hearing through the dental masks.

Lyn Futter

Finally, a dental service I can rely on and honestly don't mind visiting. Our whole family see Carolyn and her team on a regular basis. The general dental care we receive is wonderful. Carolyn's thorough yet relaxed and friendly manner leave us feeling like we have made the right choice in moving to her clinic from elsewhere. I personally had a problem with clenching/grinding my teeth at night, which was damaging and wearing them down. Carolyn suggested I have a specially moulded retainer made to wear whilst sleeping. I was worried it would be uncomfortable, or wouldn't really work, but I am absolutely amazed at its success, and it is actually comfortable. No further wear and tear on my teeth and no more waking up with headaches. Also, thank you Carolyn for all your help and guidance through my recent, major wisdom tooth extraction.

Melissa, Auckland

Thanks Carolyn and co for the care extended to Team Collett over the last four years. We really couldn’t be happier! We have one child who now wants to study dentistry and adores all the gory stories. And another that will now happily turn up for the joy of choosing the wackiest sunglasses. The journey with him in particular has included star jumps to shake out nerves, text messages from the Tooth Fairy congratulating him on his bravery, the fantastic monster paste to encourage brushing performance, and now matching emoji glasses. We really can’t thank you enough for the empathy and creativity used, but most importantly the amazing professional care. We tell everyone how amazing you are!

Carrie Collett

Finding Carolyn was one of the best things that happened to me since I moved to Auckland 2 years ago. I've had my share of bad dentists over the past couple of decades, which was both costly and painful. So when my dental floss got stuck in a problematic filling, I got really nervous with the prospects of seeing a new dentist. As Carolyn was trying to fix the bad work of a previous dentist, the filling broke. My gums were bleeding a lot because of the bad filling, and I had to take more injections so that Carolyn could continue working on my tooth. I got so nervous that my legs started shaking. At this point, Carolyn did two unforgettable things. Firstly, I could see in her eyes that she felt empathy for my suffering, and she did everything in her power to make me feel safe in her capable hands. Secondly, she fixed my tooth after 10 years of discomfort and two bad dentists. I am grateful for Carolyn with all my heart.


I first saw Carolyn in October 2013. Prior to that, I hadn't seen a dentist for maybe 15 years. To explain, in my past I have known what big pain and fear is, but none beat my fear of a dentist's chair. Old stuff. So I put off what I knew would be good for me. My first visit to Carolyn started out bad and ended calm. She talked me through it, and it's been calm ever since. Over a period of months she salvaged everything and for seven years I've been able to chew without aches. It's a weird thing to look back on, but we do these things - put important stuff off, no idea why. All I know is, I now have no fear of a dentist's chair. Thank you for that Carolyn.


I can’t recommend Newmarket Family Dental Care highly enough! From my first contact with the team, throughout my dental work, to the follow up calls – every stage with Carolyn and her lovely team exceeded all my expectations and put any nerves I had at ease. They even supplied me with a pink unicorn hot wheat sack, blanket and funky glasses…ever seen anyone so happy and at home having their wisdom teeth extracted? If you’re a nervous patient looking for a lovely dental team, or just wanting excellent dental treatment from a well trusted and highly skilled dentist, don’t look past Newmarket Family Dental Care! Thank you team!

Lauren Watson

As a very anxious dental patient I was recommended Carolyn Langrell-Read by a family member who happens to be a dental nurse herself, high praise in itself. I have now been a patient since 1986 and am extremely happy with her caring and professional manner. I required a significant amount of work to be done and have been well informed throughout each stage of the process. Over the past few years my attitude has changed since my first visit when I was terrified to even walk through the door, recently I was so relaxed that I nearly fell asleep in the chair and not due to sedation!! That is due to Carolyn’s patient, kind and thoughtful nature, it makes travelling from the North Shore very worthwhile indeed.

Chrissie Cunningham

Carolyn and her team provide an outstanding dental service. Carolyn seems very up to date with best practice and new research in dentistry and dental health. She seems very thorough and precise, and determined to deliver a quality outcome that fits a patient’s needs and preferences. I was particularly impressed with Carolyn’s attention to detail in finding a way of making a large filing replacement work in a tooth that was in a difficult location with uncertain strength in its remaining enamel walls. Carolyn crafted the replacement to fit extremely well in a manner that seems to have maintained the required strength. I was also impressed with her attention to detail and current best practice in oral health, particularly the relationship between diet (high fruit intake) and dental hygiene.

Tony Baldwin

After a visiting a few rather ‘rough’ dentists and never really feeling comfortable in a dentist’s chair I thought I had nothing to lose when trying out Dr Carolyn Langrell-Read. From my very first visit Carolyn made me feel at ease and did an excellent job of explaining to me what she was looking at and any areas of concern. As we all know, dental work can be expensive and Carolyn was great with explaining to me what the most immediate needs were, and working with me on a plan to ensure I could space the work out over a number of months to make it more affordable. I have always been very nervous with needles and hated to get injections done when I needed fillings. However, Carolyn was very mindful of this and took extra care in this area- it was the most pain free and comfortable injection experience I have had with a dentist – even after previously paying top dollar and going to a dentist who claimed to have ‘pain-free injections’. It was not just Carolyn who made my visit s a good experience, the environment is very friendly and the practice managers are so thoughtful and caring. They always remember who you are when you call and will do whatever they can to fit you in for an appointment time that is convenient for you. It was also lovely to receive calls or voice messages in the days after a treatment to ensure things were going OK.

Thank you Carolyn, the rest of the team for making an experience most people dread into something more bearable. I have really appreciated your personal customer service and your high quality work.

Tara Bowker

Greetings Carolyn - thinking of you tonight as there is one very sad-looking baby tooth under Andrew's pillow. I still feel incredibly grateful to you for rescuing us that day and how superb you were with him (and with me hovering at your elbow)- we both felt very safe and cared for.

Linda Wylie

While you still have to clean your teeth yourself, Carolyn Langrell-Read is formidable ally in your dental health, paying more attention to my teeth, gum and oral health than any other dentist I’ve been to.

Jo Crowley

My children and I have been seeing Carolyn at Newmarket Family Dental for the last two years. Carolyn is a thorough and professional dentist who understands the needs of her patients. She has been brilliant for my children - they no longer fear the dentist! In fact they are so comfortable with her we now travel down from Warkworth (60 kms away), just to see her.


Due to an allergic reaction to a local anaesthetic earlier this year, I visited the Anesthetic Allergy Clinic at Auckland hospital on Tuesday 11 December. I was first seen by Peter Cooke, a specialist anesthetist. After going through the various note he had received from my and from Dr Carolyn Read, my general dentist he made special mention of the letter she had provided to support my allergy Investigation. He receives many letter from dentists, but the one from Carolyn soot out for its attention to detail and the information it contained. The notes that were included were very helpful in isolating the local anaesthetic I am allergic to. Mr Cooke made special mention more than once about how impressed he was with the notes provided. Thank you Carolyn, for your help in identifying my allergy.

Helen Eastabrook

I have known Carolyn Langrell - Read for 6 years.

In this time she has treated my gum disease, suggested that I should consider braces, (my bottom teeth were breaking my top teeth), and given me superior dental treatment. Her skill in filling, reconstructing, capping and saving teeth some that have been filled generously with amalgam in the past is extraordinary. Her manner is friendly and professional. She gives you an excellent explanation (both verbal and written) of the treatment she proposes or has achieved.

Her equipment is excellent and this combined with her expertise enables her to achieve a very high standard of dental work I feel very confident that Carolyn will look after my teeth in the future and I can recommend her as an exceptional dentist.

Diane McWilliams

I wish to put on record that I am very appreciative of the treatment and service I have received from Dr Langrell-Read and her staff, over the 13 years she has been my Dentist. Two main occurrences need to be mentioned:

Early on in our dental relationship a Personal Dental Plan was put together so that by the time I retired from employment in Local Government, my teeth were as up-to-date as was possible, in order to give me ten or more years of dental stability post retirement. From the planning stage to my retirement I felt part of a partnership with the dentist and therefore in control of the time and money required at stages through the whole plan.

Over the past two years I have suffered (impatiently) with collapsed lumbar vertebrae causing extreme pain at times and restricting my ability to sit for long. Carolyn and her nurses, and indeed her office manager appeared to bend over backwards (no pun intended), in accommodating my needs during each treatment, and indeed any time or date changes which would make my attendance more comfortable.

I repeat, I always felt I knew what treatment was planned including the reason and the cost. For my type of person this was very re-assuring and satisfying. I have always found the standard of dentistry very high.

Heather Smith

Carolyn has of course gone way beyond the call of an engaged and caring professional. Her empathy and genuine concern and overwhelming support has been nothing short of spectacular for which we will always be very grateful

T & T 2016

Carolyn has been our family dentist for 16 years. Throughout that time we have been impressed with her competence in all aspects of dentistry, her continued interest in assessing new techniques and her adoption of them where appropriate. We greatly appreciate Carolyn’s personalised care and service together with the interest and concern she has always shown towards us.

Judith, Howard and Avena