Dr. Carolyn Langrell-Read

After graduating with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery from Otago University in 1992, Carolyn gained valuable clinical experience in practices in both Queenstown and Auckland. In 1995 she established a practice in Mount Eden, Auckland, followed by Newmarket Family Dental Care in April 2013.

Carolyn has always been passionate about continuing her dental education and furthering her knowledge in health and well-being. She enjoys travelling when she can, in order to gain both local and international knowledge, techniques and skills to further her expertise and to keep her at the forefront of her industry.

In 1999 she returned to Otago University to begin studying towards her Post-Graduate Diploma in Periodontal disease. She was awarded the diploma with distinction for her performance, and for the following years she continued to work on her clinical skills in minimal intervention dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, crown and bridge work, implant dentistry, root canal treatment and techniques for paediatric dentistry. She also has interests in Longevity Health Education and Preventative Healthcare.

Carolyn is a member of the New Zealand Dental Association, Auckland Dental Association, New Zealand Association for Minimal Intervention Dentistry, New Zealand Endodontic Society and New Zealand Periodontic Society.

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Dr. Celene Cai

Celene graduated with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery (Distinction) from the University of Otago in 2018. She spent three years working at a busy Hamilton practice, before moving to Auckland and joining the team at Newmarket Family Dental Care.

Easily approachable with a bubbly personality, Celene also has a great sense of humour. She is passionate about creating an enjoyable and comfortable experience for her patients, while delivering well informed, exceptional treatments. Celene encourages open communication with her patients to create personalised treatment plans specific to their needs and requirements. Through ongoing patient education and encouragement, Celene takes pride in helping her patients to regain confidence in managing their own oral health outside of the dentist’s chair.

As a passionate artist, Celene spends a large proportion of her weekends in front of a canvas. “I’ve found similarities in art and dentistry,” she describes. “When doing art, I need to be truthful to myself and enjoy what I am creating, and that is how I would like to provide dentistry for my patients.”

Celene is a member of the New Zealand Dental Association and the Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons. She regularly attends professional development courses and conferences to build on her clinical knowledge and skill-set.

Celene牙医来自北京并在2018年以一等学位毕业于新西兰奥塔哥大学牙医学院。在转职到奥克兰之前, 她曾就职于一家繁忙的汉密尔顿诊所并有着丰富的治疗经验。Celene普通话与英文流利互通,可以为您清晰地解释牙齿疾病并提供治疗方案。她为人亲切随和,喜欢从患者角度出发,提供高质量治疗并最大程度减低患者的疼痛与紧张情绪。为了给华人患者提供良好的服务,她曾在北京多处知名医院见习参观。这些医院包括北京大学口腔医院,北京安贞医院,和睦家医院口腔科等。 Celene经常参加各牙医协会的会议与交流,她不仅有着良好的全科牙医知识,也能在需要时为您及时安排专科牙医的转诊。如果您需要用中文与Celene牙医预约诊疗,请发邮件至info@nfdc.co.nz

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Dr. James Hannah

Having graduated as a dentist in 1981, Dr James Hannah has worked in both Wellington and Hutt Hospitals, as well as London, and in a military hospital in Saudi Arabia. Settling back into Auckland in the 90s, Dr James worked in his own dental practice before selling to Lumino, and spent 20 years working part-time for Lumino Remuera prior to returning to Newmarket Family Dental Care.

His extraordinary service to the NZ Defence Force, deployments throughout the pacific, and his valuable contribution to Forensic Dentistry in both NZ and abroad have equipped Dr James with the outstanding dentistry experience and unique skill set he now holds.

Dr James is working part time at Newmarket Family Dental Care serving the needs of his long standing and loyal patients and friends.

While also Clinical Tutor at the University of Otago Manukau campus and part time ski instructor at Snow Planet, Dr James also enjoys diving, skiing, tennis & golf or spending time with his wife Margy, 6 grandkids and 2 large cats!

A man of many talents is Dr James, and we are delighted to offer his services here at Newmarket Family Dental Care.

Sonia Astrella

Your Practice Manager

Sonia will often be your first point of contact when you call the practice at Newmarket Family Dental Care. Having worked for many years in the dental industry both as dental assistant and in the reception area, Sonia will be able to answer most questions you may have so please feel free to discuss any of your dental issues with her.

She has a real passion for helping to improve the dental health of patients and also has a special interest in cosmetic dentistry. Outside of work, Sonia enjoys travel and the joy of experiencing other cultures and lifestyles.


Your Therapy Dog

Hi I'm Gilbert. I started my training to become a Mobility Dog to help a disabled person at 8 weeks of age. Growing up I found it really hard to not say hi to everyone when I was out working in public because I am a really social fella. Service dogs have to be able to ignore everyone while working to keep their partner safe. Mobility Dogs recognised how hard I found this and helped me to find a career as a Therapy Dog where I could use my best attributes to help others.

I may know how to open doors, speak, unload a washing machine and press pedestrian buttons as well as have great manners, but what I really love doing is greeting you, the patients and helping however I can to make your visit to the Newmarket Family Dental Care clinic as stress-free and enjoyable as possible. Just ask for me when you book your appointment.

You can book an appointment with me on Wednesdays here at the clinic. I look forward to meeting you!

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Dr. Rebecca De Souza MBChB

Your Anaesthetist

Rebecca completed her initial medical degree (MBChB) at Otago University and all of her Anaesthetic training in various Auckland hospitals. Rebecca worked at Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge, England for a year after completing her training in 2004. Upon her return Rebecca worked as a Specialist Anaesthetist at both Auckland City and Middlemore Hospitals.

Rebecca is an Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer at the Department of Anaesthesiology at Auckland University and has an interest in Patient Safety, Day Stay Anaesthesia and Local Anaesthetics.

For more information on the services Rebecca provides please visit our Sedation page.


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Patient feedback

  • Morri
    I first saw Carolyn in October 2013. Prior to that, I hadn't seen a dentist for maybe 15 years. To explain, in my past I have known what big pain and fear is, but none beat my fear of a dentist's chair. Old stuff. So I put off what I knew would be good for me. My first visit to Carolyn started out bad and ended calm. She talked me through it, and it's been calm ever since. Over a period of months she salvaged everything and for seven years I've been able to chew without aches. It's a weird thing to look back on, but we do these things - put important stuff off, no idea why. All I know is, I now have no fear of a dentist's chair. Thank you for that Carolyn.
  • Melissa, Auckland
    Finally, a dental service I can rely on and honestly don't mind visiting. Our whole family see Carolyn and her team on a regular basis. The general dental care we receive is wonderful. Carolyn's thorough yet relaxed and friendly manner leave us feeling like we have made the right choice in moving to her clinic from elsewhere. I personally had a problem with clenching/grinding my teeth at night, which was damaging and wearing them down. Carolyn suggested I have a specially moulded retainer made to wear whilst sleeping. I was worried it would be uncomfortable, or wouldn't really work, but I am absolutely amazed at its success, and it is actually comfortable. No further wear and tear on my teeth and no more waking up with headaches. Also, thank you Carolyn for all your help and guidance through my recent, major wisdom tooth extraction.
    Melissa, Auckland
  • Rhonda James
    Thank you so much to the staff at Newmarket Family Dental for the fabulous service and professional care I was given recently. I was staying with my family and suffered severe tooth pain (result of a dry socket from a recent extraction in my home town). After a phone call to the dental surgery, I was well looked after by the receptionist and was seen within 15 minutes and the treatment was fantastic.
    Rhonda James
  • Lyn Futter
    I would like to congratulate your dentistry practice for such wonderful service during the current lockdown in Auckland. I required emergency help and I was absolutely astounded as it was offered within three days of my contacting you.  Thank you also for the lovely help from Aanchal as I have problems hearing through the dental masks.
    Lyn Futter
  • Riana Munnik
    I have just been to see Carolyn and her team for a cracked tooth. This has been the most pleasant dental experience I have had in a long time. Being new to the country I can honestly say that the quality work, professionalism, and care Carolyn showed me was outstanding and world class. I would recommend her services to anyone. She was gentle and thorough, giving explanations throughout the procedure. Painless! Well done Carolyn and team!
    Riana Munnik
  • Lauren Watson
    I can’t recommend Newmarket Family Dental Care highly enough!  From my first contact with the team, throughout my dental work, to the follow up calls – every stage with Carolyn and her lovely team exceeded all my expectations and put any nerves I had at ease. They even supplied me with a pink unicorn hot wheat sack, blanket and funky glasses…ever seen anyone so happy and at home having their wisdom teeth extracted?  If you’re a nervous patient looking for a lovely dental team, or just wanting excellent dental treatment from a well trusted and highly skilled dentist, don’t look past Newmarket Family Dental Care!  Thank you team!
    Lauren Watson
  • Barbara - Auckland
    Finding Carolyn was one of the best things that happened to me since I moved to Auckland 2 years ago. I've had my share of bad dentists over the past couple of decades, which was both costly and painful. So when my dental floss got stuck in a problematic filling, I got really nervous with the prospects of seeing a new dentist. As Carolyn was trying to fix the bad work of a previous dentist, the filling broke. My gums were bleeding a lot because of the bad filling, and I had to take more injections so that Carolyn could continue working on my tooth. I got so nervous that my legs started shaking. At this point, Carolyn did two unforgettable things. Firstly, I could see in her eyes that she felt empathy for my suffering, and she did everything in her power to make me feel safe in her capable hands. Secondly, she fixed my tooth after 10 years of discomfort and two bad dentists. I am grateful for Carolyn with all my heart.
    Barbara - Auckland
  • Tony B
    Carolyn and her team provide an outstanding dental service. Carolyn seems very up to date with best practice and new research in dentistry and dental health. She seems very thorough and precise, and determined to deliver a quality outcome that fits a patient’s needs and preferences. I was particularly impressed with Carolyn’s attention to detail in finding a way of making a large filing replacement work in a tooth that was in a difficult location with uncertain strength in its remaining enamel walls. Carolyn crafted the replacement to fit extremely well in a manner that seems to have maintained the required strength. I was also impressed with her attention to detail and current best practice in oral health, particularly the relationship between diet (high fruit intake) and dental hygiene.
    Tony B
  • Chrissie Cunningham
    As a very anxious dental patient I was recommended Carolyn Langrell-Read by a family member who happens to be a dental nurse herself, high praise in itself. I have now been a patient since 1986 and am extremely happy with her caring and professional manner. I required a significant amount of work to be done and have been well informed throughout each stage of the process. Over the past few years my attitude has changed since my first visit when I was terrified to even walk through the door, recently I was so relaxed that I nearly fell asleep in the chair and not due to sedation!! That is due to Carolyn’s patient, kind and thoughtful nature, it makes travelling from the North Shore very worthwhile indeed.
    Chrissie Cunningham
  • Diane McWilliams
    I have known Carolyn Langrell - Read for 6 years. In this time she has treated my gum disease, suggested that I should consider braces, (my bottom teeth were breaking my top teeth), and given me superior dental treatment. Her skill in filling, reconstructing, capping and saving teeth some that have been filled generously with amalgam in the past is extraordinary. Her manner is friendly and professional. She gives you an excellent explanation (both verbal and written) of the treatment she proposes or has achieved. Her equipment is excellent and this combined with her expertise enables her to achieve a very high standard of dental work I feel very confident that Carolyn will look after my teeth in the future and I can recommend her as an exceptional dentist.
    Diane McWilliams
  • Ram Narayan
    Good morning Elaynor Thank you for the follow up call. The treatment has worked well and I have recovered fully. My long term association with your Clinic and repeated visits are a testimony of the good and professional care provided by Dr. Langrell-Read and her staff. I am always impressed with her eye for detail and the ability to listen and to communicate with her patient regarding the treatment planned and undertaken. I have recommended her services to my daughter in law.
    Ram Narayan
  • Carrie Collett
    Thanks Carolyn and co for the care extended to Team Collett over the last four years. We really couldn’t be happier! We have one child who now wants to study dentistry and adores all the gory stories. And another that will now happily turn up for the joy of choosing the wackiest sunglasses. The journey with him in particular has included star jumps to shake out nerves, text messages from the Tooth Fairy congratulating him on his bravery, the fantastic monster paste to encourage brushing performance, and now matching emoji glasses. We really can’t thank you enough for the empathy and creativity used, but most importantly the amazing professional care. We tell everyone how amazing you are!
    Carrie Collett