How much sugar is in your drink?

As we come to the conclusion of November’s Switch to Water campaign, we thought we’d provide you with a visual outlining the amount in teaspoons of sugar that you will find in everyday drinks.

When it comes to what to drink, water really is the best choice. Not only is it FREE, but it also has no sugar. Many of the drinks outlined below are packed full with sugar – and more than you might realise. 

It is recommended that we try and keep the amount of ‘free’ sugar we have a day in all our food and drinks to less than 26g, which equates to 6 tsp. Free sugar includes things like white sugar, brown sugar, coconut sugar, syrups, honey and fruit juice. It doesn’t include the sugar when you eat fruit whole or in un-sweetened milk or milk products like yoghurt. You can see by taking a look at our infographic, that many of the drinks listed blows that 6tsp recommendation right out of the water (excuse the pun)!

From coke, to sparkling fruit juice, to a glass of chardonnay – how many teaspoons of sugar have you saved with the Switch to Water Challenge?