Protecting our patients from Coronavirus

Currently it remains business as usual here at Newmarket Family Dental Care. We are planning our response should COVID-19 spread in New Zealand and cause disruption to our day-to-day appointments at the clinic. This has not happened yet – but we are preparing, just in case.

The dental industry as a whole are all working very closely together to ensure we have the latest updates from the Ministry of Health and are facilitating the least amount of interruptions to our patients as possible. Their website is the best source of information about the prevention and management of COVID-19 for New Zealand.

We will continue to provide the best care and protection to all, and thank our very valued patients for their understanding and support.

Here are some things Newmarket Family Dental Care is doing in order to continue providing services in a safe way:

  • Ensuring we’re up to date with the latest government advice.
  • Ensuring we have a plan, should COVID-19 spread in New Zealand.
  • Protecting ourselves and others by practising good hygiene at all times. Being in the dental industry means that we are very well aware of what this entails, however we are also providing additional hand sanitiser and options for patients and visitors to the clinic and in reception.
  • Discussing existing emergency personal care plans with vulnerable clients.

If you have any questions or concerns about an upcoming appointment in relation to COVID-19, please get in touch ASAP with our team so we can discuss your options. You can call us on 09 529 9273 or direct email