Know the symptoms: Head and neck cancers often caught too late

Symptoms that many may put down as signs of a head cold turned out to be the early stages of throat cancer for one Christchurch woman.

Cosette Calder, 42, went to her doctor when she had an ear ache, a lump in her throat, coughing, the taste of blood in her mouth, discomfort when swallowing and pain when yawning.

She was referred on to the ear, nose and throat specialist and tests confirmed she had early-stage throat cancer. Read the full article at NZ Herald

About head and neck cancer
• Smoking and drinking have historically been the main causes.
• Cancers of the throat are increasing due to the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). Medical professionals are hopeful the recent introduction of universal immunisation with Gardasil, will mean this will become less common in future years.
• Symptoms: a lump in your neck, change in your voice, a growth in your mouth, swallowing problems, changes in your skin.